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Square Wafer Boats

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2" Quartz Wafer Carrier
2" Quartz Wafer Carrier

Ladder boat with wheels


Plate Boat

100mm Quartz Wafer Carrier      10mm Automated Transfer Boat

150mm Ribbon Boat       150mm 3 Degree Angle Slotted Contiguous Boat

100mm Wash Boat         Plunged Cut Shell Boat

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Wafer Carriers

(Quartz Boats)

We make a wide variety of wafer carriers to hold from 1/4" diameter to 300mm diameter wafers. We also build wafer carriers for odd diameter wafers and square wafers. All are built to your specs or designed to your needs. Almost all the work is done in house from machining, welding, fire polishing, and annealing to ensure prompt service and quality products. The pictures on the left and below are some of the many we have made. Any of these can be modified to your needs. Click on thumbs below to see enlarged version. Also the links to the left have various boat drawings that we make along with some prices. There is no minimum order and prices can drop on larger quantity orders. We have a large inventory of boats, so if you are looking for something fast there is a good chance we have something that will work for you.

 150mm Diameter Wafer Carrier

6" 50 Slot Quartz Boat

75mm Cage Boat
3" Quartz Cage Boat